So you decided you want to stay fit and lead a healthy life. Good for you!

You should know that your journey is a long one but it can be achieved and we have some excellent tips that will help you on your path.

  1. Start drinking more water

Find a partnerWhen you need to hydrate yourself if you go for that soda or beer you are doing it wrong. Switch all drinks with the common water. Sodas and beers tend to make you fat due to all the sugar and other ingredients in them. The diet cokes won’t help you stay healthy, and you will never see any fitness instructor tell you diet cokes are good for you. So drop the drinks that won’t assist you in your quest and stick to H2O

  1. Find a partner

If you decided to start working out the best way to stay consistent and on the right track is to find a partner that can share your painful journey. If you get somebody to workout with you, that shares your desire to stay fit then you have done half the tough job of working out. The other half is actually to work out so don’t forget that!

  1. Stop eating so many sweets

The biggest and hardest decision everyone that wants to stay healthy is that they need to stop or cut down heavily on the sweet stuff. If you workout and burn 500 calories don’t rush into your local supermarket and get your chocolate fix right away. Create your cheat day and only keep your sweet desires to that day. On the other days, you must stay vigilant and drink water when you get the craving to stuff yourself full of sugar.

Stop eating so many sweets

  1. Vegetables are your best friend

What you eat will reflect on your body. If you want to stay fit and keep a good diet at the same time, you have to supplement your food with lots of vegetables. The more veggies you eat, the healthier you will feel in the long run.